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New Colour! White or Black, which is the right box option for my dog?

New Colour! White or Black, which is the right box option for my dog?

At DT Boxes we love giving you the freedom to choose the perfect box to suit all your dogs needs. We are always trying to improve the options available to you and your dogs and have tweaked our designs a lot along the way. This is why we are delighted to launch the all new DT White Option Boxes.

Over the years we have gotten all sorts of requests and we have always tried our best to accommodate all your wants and needs. This has made our range of box options as versatile as it is today and has meant our boxes are now packed with lots of great features for you and you dogs to enjoy.

You wanted somewhere to stow your dogs leads and toys when the dog box is in place in your boot, we added our top tray. You wanted strong, easily maintained doors that you could be sure wouldn't rust and would stand the test of time, we made our doors stainless steel. You wanted peace of mind when leaving your dogs in the box unattended, so you could leave the boot open and be sure that they wouldn't escape or someone else couldn't let them out so we made our doors lockable. You wanted to hose out your boxes after taking your dogs on a wet mucky walk so we added the drainage plugs to make cleaning out our boxes as simple a task as possible. You wanted to take more dogs with you at a time on trips and to accommodate your larger canine friends so we made the centre divide removable to free up more space for your fluffy friends. You asked and we listened.

You have also asked for more colour options and for a brighter colour option and we are delighted to say we have now responded with our brand new DT White Option Box. All of our current box options that are available in our signature black colour are now also available in white, in stock and ready to go.  We are excited to launch our new white boxes in response to your requests. Find the perfect one for your vehicle here. They have all the same great features and benefit as our Signature Black Boxes but they just white instead.


So why white? What contrasts better to black than white? DT White is the yin to our DT Black Boxes yang and the white boxes sure do brighten up our workshop.

We here at DT boxes love our Signature Black Boxes and have always advocated for the advantages of containing your dogs in a darker box.

Our Signature Black DT Boxes- The Advantages;

  • Most dog feels, calmer and safer in a darker environment when travelling in a darker den. Light affects our canine friends the same way it affects us, when the lights are out or we are in a darker environment we produce the sleep hormone melatonin. The same is true for our dogs. Studies on animals have shown that melatonin increases levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in certain parts of the brain. Higher GABA levels can have a calming effect and reduce symptoms of anxiety. Therefore darker environments can in fact calm your dog and make them feel safer.
  • In a darker environment your dog has also got less distractions and are less likely to become visually stimulated by passing vehicles and other objects they spot through the window. This may further encourage your dog to lie down and relax for the journey ahead.
  • From a cleaning perspective, the black boxes are also easier to maintain with wet and mucky dogs. The black boxes don't show up the muck as much and don't stain as much as lighter material meaning a quick hose down is usually sufficient to clean out your box.

See Wrex out for a spin with Mark in our Signature Black Dacia Duster DT Box below.

Like I say we love our Signature Black DT Boxes but even we have to admit the new White DT Boxes have some great benefits too.

Our White DT Boxes- The Advantages;

  • The DT White Option Box is lighter and brighter than their Black DT Box counterparts. According to physics, white reflects all colours whereas black absorbs light. The result of this for your dog inside the box is that the white box is a brighter environment. This can be initially more inviting for your dog especially if your dog is hesitant at exploring new darker spaces.
  • The White Option DT Box can be great for some dogs, especially if they are afraid of the dark. Although this is quite rare, it may help you determine if you should consider getting a white box over a black box. The white box is brighter inside and reflects more light which may put your dog at ease if they are afraid of the dark.
  • Aesthetically the white boxes are very pleasing (we think at least). We think they are especially great in white and black cars. They really pop and offer something new.

We are delighted with the new White Option DT box, we are happy to be able to provide the option to you as we know that your needs and wants are versatile and varied. It is important to us to help you find the dog cage that is right for you and your dogs. Both the Signature Black DT Box and the the new White Option DT box are excellent safe transport cages for your dogs. We hope this helps you decide which option may be best for you and your furry friends. All of our DT Boxes are available in both our Signature Black and new White colour, in stock and ready to go. Find the perfect one for you here. We hope you and your dogs will enjoy whichever one you choose.

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